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Sex crimes attorney in Los Angeles

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Sex crimes attorney in Los Angeles


Of all crimes, few are more serious than sex crimes. A conviction may not only mean prison time, but also lifetime registration as a sex offender. Remember, if investigated or charged for a sex crime, YOU ARE INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. BEFORE SPEAKING TO THE POLICE, call Garcia Law Group for a FREE CONSULTATION—this can make all the difference in your case!

Sex crimes in California are prosecuted heavily and most carry significant prison sentences.  Most prosecution offices (including the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office), have special units to prosecute sex crimes. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can ensure that those that are falsely charged are not wrongfully convicted.

What are some types of sex crimes?

Sex crimes typically include:

– rape

– Child molestation/child sexual abuse

– prostitution

– sexual assault

– lewd conduct

– possession/distribution of child pornography

– date rape

– statutory rape

– public indecency

– many others


What are some defenses to sex crimes?

– Illegal search and seizure by the police

– DNA evidence exoneration

– Victim’s motivation to lie and fabricate false allegations

– Victim interviews where the allegations/facts are suggestive of abuse

– Misidentification


What to do after an arrest or police call you regarding a sex crime allegation?

If you are arrested for a sex crime in Los Angeles, it’s extremely important that you know your rights. You have the right to remain silent AND the right to a lawyer—you should exercise BOTH of these rights. After the arresting officers have informed you of the reason for the arrest, they will read you your Miranda rights, you will be booked (fingerprinted and photographed) at the police station. Depending on the charges, you may or may not qualify for bail. After booking you have the right to contact an attorney. You would be wise to call an experienced sex crimes attorney in Los Angeles, such as Garcia Law Group.


It’s important to fight the charges aggressively!

Garcia Law Group is here to help

The consequences of a felony sex crime conviction can also lead to employment and housing difficulties.  There are many defenses and legal issues that an experienced criminal defense attorney can bring up to defend your rights.  Call now and schedule your FREE and CONFIDENTIAL consultation: 323-419-5165.


By Joel Garcia, Esq.



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