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Relentless Trial Lawyer with Proven Results

I defend the accused and represent them proudly in court. Fighting for your rights is what Garcia Law Group does best.


Type of ChargeChargesCountyPotential SentenceResult
FeloniesPC 187 Murder, firearm and gang enhancementsLos Angeles25 years to LifeMURDER CHARGES DISMISSED and reduced to conspiracy (wobbler) and 3 years of local jail.
FeloniesPC 664/187 Attempted MurderLos Angeles15 years to LifeCHARGES DISMISSED and resolved for assault and 3 years locally.
FeloniesPC 245(a)(1) Assault with a deadly weapon (knife) causing GBILos Angeles10+ years in prisonDISMISSED
Felonies3 Counts of PC 245(a)(1)Los Angeles10+ years in prisonDIVERSION - will be dismissed upon successful completion of treatment.
FelonyConspiracy to sell/buy controlled substanceLos Angeles4+ years in prisonDISMISSED
MisdemeanorVC 23152 - DUI drugs, and no licenseLos Angeles1 year jailDISMISSED
FelonyTransportation, sales, and conspiracy money launderingMonterey3+ years in prisonDISMISSED
MisdemeanorFailure to register as a sex offenderLos Angeles2 years in jailDISMISSED
MisdemeanorPC 273.5 domestic violence (corporal injury to spouse/traumatic injury)Los Angeles1 year in jailAfter defense investigation and discussing the case w/ prosecutor - CASE REJECTED!
MisdemeanorVC 23152 DUI, open containerLos Angeles1 year in jailDUI DISMISSED and resolved for exhibition of speed - an infraction!

Trial Attorney Joel G. Garcia
Trial Attorney Joel G. Garcia

Garcia Law Group

Attorney Joel G. Garcia is aggressive, relentless and professional in defending his clients and upholding the Constitution.  He fights to ensure that the constitutional rights of each and every client are not violated by the police or the prosecution.

In the courtroom, Mr. Garcia has earned a reputation among judges, prosecutors, and fellow criminal defense attorneys as honest, prepared, and knowledgeable.  Mr. Garcia has successfully represented individuals from all walks of life, including doctors, producers, dishwashers, students, writers, nurses, constructions workers, military veterans, teachers, gardeners, and many others accused of crimes.

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About Joel G. Garcia, Esq.

Mr. Garcia attended Thomas Jefferson School of Law. During law school, Mr. Garcia was elected by his peers as President of the Moot Court Honor Society and was an Editor of the Thomas Jefferson Law Review. Both memberships sharpened his advocacy skills in oral argument and writing—skills that later proved to be invaluable in the courtroom.

Upon graduation, Mr. Garcia took and passed the California Bar Exam on his first attempt. Mr. Garcia began working with a prominent criminal defense law firm in Los Angeles. During his time there, Mr. Garcia was in courtrooms nearly every day in Los Angeles County and surrounding counties.  Mr. Garcia won several trials and worked on misdemeanor and felony cases including: DUI’s, murder, domestic violence, drug crimes, manslaughter, sex crimes, restraining orders, and theft offenses among many other types of crimes.

In 2019, Mr. Garcia graduated from La Pier’s DWI Detection and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing. He is certified in the administration of Standardized Field Sobriety Tests under the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). This certification is typically only provided to law enforcement. This training has allowed Mr. Garcia to better serve his clients accused of DUI by meticulously cross-examining the arresting officers.

As a trial lawyer, Mr. Garcia is constantly sharpening his skills. Mr. Garcia is a graduate of the Trial Advocacy Program of the Los Angeles County Bar Association. There, Mr. Garcia learned to think like a prosecutor and was provided the opportunity to prosecute cases in Los Angeles.

With a passion for trial advocacy, Mr. Garcia is also a graduate of the California Public Defenders Association, Trial Skills Institute. A specialized training focused exclusively on criminal defense trials.

Mr. Garcia is compassionate and understands that his clients are in fear of incarceration and the devastating consequences a conviction can have on their lives. For this reason, Mr. Garcia believes in open and honest communication with his clients. Mr. Garcia explains the process and possible consequences. Whether it’s in-person, by telephone or email, keeping his clients updated is a daily priority.


Mr. Garcia is proud of the positive reviews many clients have written for his commitment to their cases.


Bar Admissions and Professional Memberships

  • State Bar of California
  • U.S. District Court, Central District of California
  • U.S. District Court, Southern District of California
  • California Public Defenders Association
  • California DUI Lawyers Association
  • California Attorneys for Criminal Justice
  • Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles
  • Criminal Courts Bar Association of Los Angeles
  • Los Angeles County Bar Association
  • Mexican-American Bar Association


  • Thomas Jefferson School of Law, Juris Doctor
    • Moot Court Honor Society, President
    • Thomas Jefferson Law Review, Editor
  • California State University, Fullerton, B.A. Criminal Justice
    • Moot Court, Member

Trainings and Certifications

  • Gerry Spence Method at Thunderhead Ranch, an intensive 3-week course for trial lawyers. August 2021, DuBois, Wyoming
  • PC 832 Certificate: Arrest, Search and Seizure 40-hour course designed to satisfy the requirement for Peace Officers.
  • La Pier’s DWI Detection and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, 2019
  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Certification, Irvine, CA
  • Trial Advocacy Program, graduate, 2019, LACBA, Los Angeles, CA
  • California Public Defenders Association, 48th Annual Summer Basic Trial Skills Institute, 2019, University of San Diego
  • California DUI Lawyers Association, Felipe Plascencia Memorial Seminar, 2019, Long Beach, CA
  • Evidence Skills Workshop, Trial Advocacy Program, 2019, Los Angeles, CA
  • California Public Defenders Association, 10th Annual Two-Day DUI Defense Practice Institute, June 1-2, 2018, Monterey, CA
  • Master of Cross Examination: Larry Pozner, 2018, San Diego, CA
  • Witness Examination Skills Workshop, Trial Advocacy Program, 2018, Los Angeles, CA
  • Indigent Criminal Defense Appointments, Winter Seminar, 2018, Los Angeles, CA

Top Awards and Memberships

Top Awards and Memberships

What GLG Clients Are Saying

You won't find many attorneys who are as passionate and driven to resolve your case as Joel. When he gets a matter he dives into it 110% to get the best results for his clients. I fully endorse him.

Philip Mauriello, Esq. | Fellow Attorney

Joel G Garcia is a skilled trial attorney. I've had the privilege of working with Mr. Garcia on several criminal matters. His aggressive and zealous representation has led to incredible results for clients. I give him the highest recommendation possible. He truly leaves no stone unturned for his clients. When Joel G. Garcia is in your corner, you are truly in good hands.

Brian Hurwitz, Esq. | Fellow Attorney

Joel is a passionate criminal defense attorney! I would recommend him to those who need a zealous advocate in the courtroom!

Imran Syed, Esq. | Fellow Attorney

Joel is truly passionate about what he does and goes above and beyond for his clients. I am proud to have colleagues in the field like Attorney Joel Garcia. You are in the best hands possible!

Nima Etemadian, Esq. | Fellow Attorney

I've known Joel for quite some time. He is the quiet guy who will always surprise you at the right moment, the moment you need him the most, in court advocating passionately for your rights. I endorse Mr. Garcia.

Eiman Rejali, Esq. | Fellow Attorney

Joel is a highly competent defense attorney. He is a zealous fighter for his clients--a real pro! I endorse this lawyer.

Paul Hilton, Esq. | Fellow Attorney

Joel is a skilled lawyer, with experience, knowledge and passion. He is a savvy problem solver, a force to be reckoned with at trial and a serious advocate for his clients. He is driven by a killer work ethic and invested in achieving the best possible outcome for his clients.

Ghazal Sharif, Esq. | Fellow Attorney

Joel is the consummate criminal defense attorney. He is adept at his trade, cares for his clients deeply and will fight for them to make sure they get the best results possible. I endorse Mr. Garcia without reservation.

Omid Rejali, Esq. | Fellow Attorney

Mr. Garcia was incredibly understanding with me during an extremely difficult situation. He was very knowledgeable and he was able to get me an incredible result and keep me out of jail.

Amber | Former Client

I cannot express how grateful I am to Mr. Garcia. I blew a .10, and Mr. Garcia got my case dismissed. I heard from many people that I might as well just plead guilty and be done with it because I was just way too over the limit. I am glad I decided to give Mr. Garcia a call. I explained to my situation and he assured me that I had a case that was worth fighting. Throughout the whole process, Mr. Garcia was very good at keeping me updated and out of jail! I didn't have to deal with missing work to show up to court, which was nice because I didn't want to create any suspicion within my workplace. Now I don't have to worry, because Mr. Garcia was able to have my case dismissed! Amazing work and I would highly recommend to anyone with a DUI!

Lou | Former Client

Mr. Garcia was extremely thorough in explaining to me everything regarding my case as to what I was facing, what my options were, and how we were going to proceed. He was extremely confident throughout and knew how to handle every aspect of the negotiations between me and the other party I was involved with in my case. At the end he was successfully able to negotiate a settlement and most importantly prevented the possibility of a misdemeanor going on my record. I am extremely thankful for his stellar work and would recommend him to anyone who wants an attorney that will fight for them in court.

Former Client

Joel was incredible in defending me in a restraining order hearing. He prevented a restraining order from being granted. I was very scared and nervous but he informed me of the process and prepared me for court which really calmed my nerves. He was very poised, well-spoken and truly shined in the courtroom in my opinion. He is my go-to attorney!

Former Client

Mr Joel Garcia is one heck of a lawyer. He got me out of rut. His cross examining skills are A1. I would highly recommend him to friends and family.

Omar | Client

Joel did an amazing job with my case. He consulted me about my case, informed me about every aspect and gave me advice and coached me through in order to arrive at the best possible outcome. Once I hired him, it was smooth sailing. Constant emails, phone calls to keep me up to date...every meeting we had he had a determined plan and he let me know what to do and what he was planning on doing. Overall, Joel is an experienced attorney with an amazing track record and astounding perseverance. My outcome was the best that it could be and I have to thank Joel for that. 10/10! Thank you so much!

Daniel | Client

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