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Serious or Violent Crimes in California

Garcia Law Group > Serious or Violent Crimes in California

Serious or Violent Crimes in California

A conviction for a serious or violent crime can have devastating consequences. Often times, police may rush to arrest and fail to complete a thorough investigation or the case can be overcharged by a prosecutor. Because of the increased penalties for these offenses, avoiding a conviction for a violent crime is more important than ever.


If you are investigated for a serious or violent crime, do not answer any questions from the police without your attorney present. Call Garcia Law Group (323) 419-5175 and make sure your rights are not violated!


What is a Serious or Violent Crime?

California Penal Code sections 1192.7, 1192.8, 667.5 define “serious felony.” A serious felony is a strike and includes the following types of crimes:


– Any attempt to commit a crime listed below

– Attempt to commit a felony punishable by death or imprisonment for life

– Any conspiracy to commit a crime listed on this page – Penal Code Section 182

– Any felony carried out to benefit a criminal street gang – Penal Code Section 186.22

– Any felony that is punishable by death

– Any felony crime where defendant inflicts great bodily injury

– Any felony crime where defendant used a dangerous or deadly weapon – Penal Code Section 245

– Arson – Penal Code Section 451

– Assault with a deadly weapon upon a peace officer or firefighter – Penal Code Section 245

– Assault with a deadly weapon upon a public transit employee, custodial office, or school employee – Penal Code Sections 245.2, 245.3, 245.5

– Assault with the intent to commit rape, sodomy, robbery, oral copulation – Penal Code Section 220

– Attempted murder – Penal Code Section 664/187

– Carjacking – Penal Code Section 215

– Committing a felony with a firearm – Penal Code Section 12022

Criminal threatsPenal Code Section 422

– Discharging a firearm at an inhabited dwelling or vehicle – Penal Code Section 246

– First degree burglary – Penal Code Section 459

– Kidnapping – Penal Code Section 207

– Lewd acts with a minor under 14 – Penal Code Section 288

– Manslaughter – Penal Code Section 192

– Mayhem – Penal Code Section 203

– Murder – Penal Code Section 187

– Oral copulation by force or violence – Penal Code Section 288a

– Rape – Penal Code Section 261, 262

– Rape or sexual penetration in concert with another person – Penal Code Section 264.1

– Robbery or bank robbery – Penal Code Section 211

– Sexual abuse on a child – Penal Code Section 288

– Sexual penetration with foreign object – Penal Code Section 289

– Sodomy by force or threat – Penal Code Section 286

– Torture – Penal Code Section 206

– Witness intimidation – Penal Code Section 136


Garcia Law Group is here to Protect your Rights

If you are being investigated for a violent crime or were arrested for a violent crime, you need a criminal defense lawyer to protect your rights. Garcia Law Group can represent you throughout the entire process.

Call (323) 419-5175 to schedule a confidential and free consultation.  We will discuss your case and walk you through the criminal process.

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    By Joel Garcia, Esq.


    Similar Crimes

    Domestic Battery – Penal Code Section 243(e)(1)

    Corporal Injury – Penal Code Section 273.5(a)

    Stalking – Penal Code Section 646.9

    Restraining Order Violation – Penal Code Section 273.6


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